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Report - Steep House (Potters Mansion) -Crowborough Late 2012


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Late last yeah I headed over to Steep House (Just off of Steep Road) This place was pretty much at the end of it's life, all of the floors were rotten and had lots of signs of weathering. I would have loved to see this building in its prime as it has some wonderful architecture. Sadly there are plans to demolish this place soon.

This house in Crowborough, Sussex, was built in 1904 and designed (supposedly) by an architect named Hugh Jokin. It was owned by the Walford family. James Walford ran a shipbuilding business and was a potter and painter and appears to have published a book of orchid paintings in 1972, with additional prints of his wife's orchid paintings available for auction. His wife Muriel Walford grew the orchids that her husband painted, in the extensive grounds of the house. James Walford died 7 or 8 years ago and Muriel went into a care home, so the house has been empty ever since. Muriel died on 12th January 2011 at the fantastic old age of 104.
It's such a shame to what this place has become.









The roof has lots of signs of vandalism




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Whoa, now that is impressive, i'm so surprised how quickly they got the place back up to that condition!!! considering how badly the place was run down, HEY atleast they didnt tear the place down and turn it into flats!!!!!


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Wow. I don't think I've seen a place come back from so trashed like this one. It's nice to see a success story. I wonder if it will ever get into this state again in it's future history. I wonder if the buyer will ever find out and see the pics on here as well.


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Wow! I did some work there last year, and the place was still fucked! I found the grounds very interesting, some good finds out there under the brambles. That is a great save though..


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Really pleased to see this house saved and renovated. So many "treasures" are demolished by developers and replaced with modern c**p. There use to be some many abandoned and derelict mansions in and around Crowborough, I could never figure it out. As kids we use to play in these places, no health and safety worries back then! Some houses were really spooky; to a young child.....

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