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Report - Steep Park House (briefly), Sussex - April 11

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28DL Full Member
After a successful explore of the merry down cider factory with jizzmiester earlier in the day i decided to go find tom and drag him off to potters manor, didn't take much convincing and were soon on our way, we eventually found a suitable parking spot and took a walk to the manor, as we approached the state of disrepair became more apparent, once in side we realized just how past it the house is. we explored the down stairs briefly and headed up to the top floor. and out on to the roof i went from there i could see my car parked at the road side and .............the police car parked rather close behind, bugger if only i hadnt looked over the edge of the roof at the exact moment the copper looked up, once out side with mr police man he explained how alot of thefts had taken place at the house and only last week he arrested 2 pikes carting stolen copper pipes across the field, details taken and after explaining we were oly there taking pictures we were sent on our way. i wont bother boring you all with history just a few pics.











its sad to see just how quickly this amazing old house had gone to ruin.

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