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Report - Steep Park House, Crowborough - Aug 2010


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Of course this site has been extensively reported on particularly to great effect recently by rookinella and the wonderfull personal link by Muddy Fox;


however I wanted to share with you my take on it.

27th Aug 2010

It's overcast and generally looking a bit grim weather wise; despite hoping for sunshine for some nice contrast in the shots we head out to Crowborough as planned never the less.

Eventually found the spot (with help from google satalite imagery), our access point to the grounds was towards the bottom of the slope through the trees by what would have been no doubt a idylic lake. Having read on here a fair bit about the propperty I was expecting quite a lot but honestly my first view of the house from the bottom of the tiered lawn did not dissappoint in any way. No suprise to hear that the lady of the house was a very keen gardiner as I spotted quite a few unusual trees dotted around.

As we explored the house I found myself almost brought to tears. As a propperty it is truly amazing, the architect really had some vision and I only wish I could have seen it in its full glory, (Muddy Fox I would be facsinated to hear any further stories; James's G&T's would have gone down very nicely while we were there!). As an artist myself and seeing so much evidence of the creativity that once abounded around the place I found my self hankering for a photo of the couple happily supping a cocktail out on the balcony or sat in one of the very many increadible window seats throughout the house, we had visions of them being very much like the Bloomsbury Group allthough perhaps a bit more respectable and a bit less insular! Such a shame to hear that it is most likely to be demolished, it would be nice to think that a developer would see the aethetical value of keeping the house as it stands, however things don't work like that in the real 'modern' world of course and actually there were several areas of the building that would need servere structural overhaul to make good.

Unfortunately it was so sad to see that as you'd expect people have obviously rooted through all those personal things (albeit mostly now clothing and literature) looking for something of value and left it all over the floor. The staircase banister is now almost entirley gone, (remember this is only one moth after rookinella's report). I also found it rather frustrating to see evidence of the Flickr whores (as someone so excellently put it) re arranging everything; I'd far rather photograph items as I found them and use my own artistic vision to do the compositing.

On the plus side though the damage (by people rather than water or pigeons) is fairly limited and there is very little graffitti evident at all.

Best find of the day, (other than the place itself!) was a little notebook presumably belonging to James, in it he'd written little inoccuous notes about what he was up to artistcaly and what the weather was like, really touching, we left it on the first floor main landing.

anywhoo, I'm rambling, here's my take on this fantastic place.





















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