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Report - Steep Park House, Crowborough - July 2010


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Visited with Seif, breaking his Urbex virginity and being a history scout (due to realising his camera was broken and forgot to ask me for a spare).

Was a very nice chilled explore, met some nice people from flickr while also there (sorry guys if your reading this, can't remeber your names and still don't have a flickr account) found the place looked alot more trashed than last seen in some reports which was a shame, I have my guesses but not going to point names due to lack of facts.

The place for me had a great feel to it, firstly of "they don't make them like they used too" after feeling how strong the floors have kept up being exposed to the elements, second a great interest in general for the former residence and thirdly how could anyone let this go to waste(as you do).

Some history on the internet is not totally factual mainly due to speculation, however one thing which I did find is that the place has been purchaced and is due to be redeveloped, most of the other history is (as I say) in speculation from what I have seen.

Seif explains more, he wrote me up this being the person who had nothing better to do than poke through the old paperwork, since he did most of this work I felt I needed to quote him word for word:

General facts found so far via the internet: -

· They appear on various internet genealogy sites as they can trace their ancestry back to the Duke of Marchand, Spain (http://www.123people.co.uk/ext/frm?.../gzas/marchena.htm&section=weblink&wrt_id=216)

· Both of them appear on the Electoral List for Sussex as of 2002

Facts gathered from the debris

· Both of them appear to have been alive as of 1998, as we found a letter from an estate agent detailing other properties in the area, a small 5 bedroom villa with a pool at the asking price of half a million

· There were numerous cheques dated for the 1970s and various French transfers for the same period

· In the blue suitcase that appears in various other photographers works, there was an old motoring journal going back to 1962

· In the reading room where the (smashed) television was, there was an signed/paid calor gas slip for 2002, signed by Mrs Walford.

The height seems to have been in the 1970s, a lot of the branded kitchen goods, utilities and general things left behind that could be discerned from the debris confirm this suspicion. We found a few items of correspondence, Christmas cards and family holidays going to either Italy or Spain in the 50s.

There are many manuscripts for Mr Walford’s limited edition book still there, sheets of typed print between dampening sheets, raw sketches and pictures of both this and other topic matter.




The only item I saw that had any sense of the modern day was a copy of the Godfather. Everything else seemed ensconced within the 70s. it’s been speculated elsewhere in the community that the affluence they enjoyed during the 1970s appeared to end or slowly dwindle out. We can see at least one of them living there as recently as 2002 but from there onwards, there was no sign or indication as to what happened to either of them.

"To live you have to ensure that you never die but to never die you have to truly LIVE!"

on with the pics, hope you enjoy.




The sadly now fucked TV, still don't see the reason for it.









Second post on here so any feedback in appreciated.


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