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Report - Steep Park House, Crowborough - Sept 2011


Khan't touch this.
I don't post many reports, but when I do.... :cool::thumb

This has been reported before with quite a bit of info here so I won't waste time reposting all the history but instead move straight to this report :)

Myself, Olz and Chris86 visited and we bumped into another group of UErs (C4 Crew) who feature in some of the pictures below (with kind permission!).

The house is in complete disrepair now, I was told a year ago it was much nicer with furniture, props and intact decor but now it's a massive pile of faeces as both interior and exterior have been vandalised and ripped apart by thieves and no gooders.

I don't have many pics as I didn't really find much that stood out as unique any more because 98% of the house was damaged beyond anything photographically suitable for my type of images which is a shame because when you're there you can definitely feel the atmosphere the manor once had. I wish I could go back in time :p

Anyway, pics...










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