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Report - Steetley Magnesite including chimney climb - March 2009

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Today Zerocool Kuroneko and I was the day we did Steetly mag site as Zercool had a few days off and I am a doley bum at the moment :D I have seen reports before of the large basins of coloured water and decided to go. 10 am was supposed to be our set off time but to a calamity of errors i:e Zerocool lost his cap for his cars water bottle so had to improvise with a coke bottle AKA Squirrelbodge (tm) :D til we got a proper cap. We got there at 2pm.

Access was easy and we had a few good shots round there.




Anyhow you dont go to Steetly without going up the chimney do you? :D Zerocool didnt want to do it because of his "discolegs" :p

This was a bit of a monkey to do (no wonder they are called Monkeyhangers) :D First stage was fun but someone has taken away the metal landing to the next set of ladders so I had to shimmy along a bit of the RSJ to get to the rest of them. Once past that it was just a filthy climb to the top.

Looking down


Across to the cranes.


Looking across the open bowls with their distinctive colours.


Hi folks can you see me :)


Now I have climbed a few chimneys but not got as dirty as I did today and I was wondering why this one was soo filthy, I found out half way down because I could hear voices of kids messing around in the base. They were building a big ole bonfire in the base of the chimney right below the ladders I used to get up in the first place :eek: How suprised were they when I came down!! Nice lads to chat to asking what the view was like etc and I left them to it. As I was walking away I looked behind me.


Well if your going to light a fire make it a big smokey bugger!! there was tyres aplenty on there and I am glad they didnt light it while I was up there.

On the whole a great day out and no doubt Zerocool and Kuroneko will add there pics.
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