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Report - Steetley Magnsite - Hartlepool - July 2010


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1937: Site acquired by Steetley. New process allows magnesium to be produced from sea water.
1938: Plant opens and expands rapidly.
1961: Chimney built which is seen across Hartlepool.
1962: World's largest settling tank built on the site.
1967: 5,147 tons of magnesium produced a week.
1997: Britmag takes over the site from Redland.
2002: Britmag goes into administration, and the site is reborn as CJC Chemicals.
2005: CJC also falls on hard times and the area falls into disrepair.
2005: Culford Properties become free-holders of the site and draw up plans for a 500-home estate.
2006: Children caught by the Mail diving into the settling tanks.
2007: (September) English Nature opposes building plans because of breeding birds near the site.
2007: (October) The council puts £100,000 aside in case they have to clear the site.
2010: Part of the site starts to be cleared.

The Explore
A return trip to Steetly Mag was always on the cards, but this time the crew contained Meanie, Iron Monkey, Ricklus.
Arriving in Hartlepool late morning, we quickly realised there had been some changes since late last year. A Security Cabin was near the tunnel and work was going on clearing out the nearest "bowl" (even on a Sunday), so we had to be careful for a change.
Also the beach end of the Pier had been knocked off, not that is was stopping local idiots climbing up to go fishing on there.
We found an interesting little underground area (not seen before), so we took full advantage creating a band album shot lol
Anyway, we spent a good two and half hours exploring and then decided to head off to fit in another site in on our journey back.

Here's some of my pics:







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