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Report - Steetly Magnasite & Chimney Feb 2010


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What started off as a thought between, MrAltitude, JohnnyConcrete, Goan and myself on the chatroom. Turned into an epic road trip up to see Goan and attempt the Steetly Magnesium chimney. The three and a Half hour trip was full of laughs and plenty of banter (JC'S Phone number on the rear window saying call for sex) and seemed to fly, despite JC's inability to effectively follow the simple instructions of a sat nav. We Arrived in Hartlepool, collected Goan and made our way to the infamous chimney spirits where still high.

We come through the rubble and twisted iron supports, and are greeted by the chimney. The rigging bag comes off the back and a quick assessment... realise that this is not going to be for the feint hearted. Having great difficulties making it up our make shift rope Ladder to put in the best way, i went up first onto the the what felt loose ladder. MrA followed but got stuck so JC came next, on the second attempt MrA made it to the cut off ladder 20ft up with the aid of some climbing slings we also took. Heading off to the next ladder requires walking along a thin RSJ. I crossed over to the next ladder and proceded to climb and waited at the top for MrA & JC but even for MrA a lover of height's this proved too much.... (stolen from MrA's thread "I had let myself down Heightlover was going to abandon his attempt but that's just no U.E. i encouraged him to carry on. I waited for him on the lower level dejected having never failed at a U.E mission i was left to ponder while HL took his pics." So as said i continued to the roof via very tight to the wall ladders. this was the first solo ish explore i had done so the ladders never seemed the same without MrA and his usual Opera singing that normaly accompanies our climbs, All that was present was him shouting up to me "Hows it goin up there" i reached the top and was greated with a very strong wind that shows up shake in the photos. Once up top removed my camera from the bag and started taking photos. There are not many from up here as by this time from all the waiting it had turned to darkness so i took some from each side and made my decent.
It wasnt my greatest explore due to the Epic fail from the others but still glad i did it but cant see me wanting to return. The good thing being is the rest of the night got better and will be shown in following reports
Anyhow......... The Pictures











The Chimney

Initial View

Looking down for JC





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