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Report - - Stewartby Brickworks 24/05/08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Stewartby Brickworks 24/05/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hey all,

I've been waiting for about 3 years for this place to shut since its my only decent place that's near to me.
Once the largest brickworks in Europe this place is sprawling.
Over the years however, Hanson has gradually eaten away at various buildings and chimneys on site.
To date the few remaining chinmeys are listed, I believe origionally there used to be 23 (or about that) I can't remember exactly but old aerial views of it looked awe-inspiring.
The closing date came...and went, and more time went by and it was still active.
Well I lost patience with waiting for it to look derelict so I went in anyways.
Some areas have clearly been defunt for a shot while but thanks to all the dust particles in the air everything looks like its been shut down for years.
I came out filthier from this place than any cement works I've been to it almost makes them look clean by comparison:eek:
I've not finished with the place as I still want to go back again very soon so this report is just like a small prelude but I still have a load of pics to sort out.
I stealthed it around the site since It still had people working on site and security also drive around in a white van.
Heres a few pics including some night shots,


The train yard that borders the site, lots of activity around here.


View of the works from a lorry graveyard, some looked dead and others had truckers sleeping in them!

The orange disc is covered in orange dust which is used to dye the bricks orange/red once they have been set.


Production Line


More from the production Line and you can see the bricks popping out.Hello little Bricks :D



Underground space beneath the kiln.