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Report - Stewart's Plastics, Croydon, South London - October 2015


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Stewart Plastics

Too late... :( Still this place has literally been turned into a canvas in like under 2 weeks... That's more impressive than the empty factory itself. Some fresh paint in here too, said hi to a few painters. Was good too see some tags I'd seen on the tracks as well!
Been meaning to stop by for a while but gave it a bit of a gap because we assumed it would be pretty hot but turns out it's Croydon...

The place has been stripped, probably when it closed so yeah, there's not much here :/ Unfortunately it was a getting fairly dark so didn't really stay for too long. Plus we had to pay a visit to something across the road that night too. :D

Cheers MR! He'll have some decent pics.


Can't find much on when it was built! Help me out if you can maye? :)

September 2012 saw Stewart's Plastics move out from their Croydon home and into a larger factory in Banbury.

"Stewart, the UK manufacturer and distributor of gardening products, catering supplies and homewares, has completed the development of its new facility at Banbury as it moves from its Croydon home of 67 years."

It was also sealed for quite a while due to an incident that resulted in a man injured after falling through one of the factory floors. (http://www.croydonguardian.co.uk/ne...r_falling_through_ceiling_at_disused_factory/)

The future isn't bright for the factory:

"Ikea has unveiled plans for a new storage and distribution depot in Croydon.

The Swedish furniture giant is to build two new ware houses at the site of a former plastics factory next door to its store in Waddon.

It plans to demolish Stewart House in Waddon Marsh Way, the former home of Stewart Plastics, as well as a second building occasionally used as a training centre.

The proposed warehouses are designed to address "a significant under-provision of storage space within the current Ikea store" and cut down the number of deliveries needed to restock the shop itself.

One of the warehouses will serve as a customer collection point for pre-bought bulky items."


Bit dark so yeah... MR's will be better! :D

















So yeah, missed out! Only really posted because of the lead posted a short while ago. Good to see the tags though.​
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Aye, always good to see somewhere new. It looked promising from the outside at least so these places are always worth checking.

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lol you beat me, I guess I'll have to write mine up now lol

no pics of it from over the road ;)

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