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Report - Stilted Bungalow, Surrey, February 2018


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Tis my first post so any feedback would of course be more than welcome! Before diving in, I’d just like to put my twopence forward in stating what a phenomenal job each participant does here for the community. Thank you.

I’ve had this property on my radar for well over a year now; why I’ve never ventured inside before truly is beside me.

In September 2006, the most recent sale of the properties occurred, with each bungalow sold for £175,000, to an individual client. Various items, including the abandoned work van, indicate that the owner was involved in some form of building or electrical trade, however, the complete lack of coordination between decor and other furniture makes this building’s occupant/s near impossible to stereotype. Google Maps has failed to live up to its usual resource provision, delivering simply one Street View to indicate when the property was abandoned, however, if my memory serves purpose, and in keeping with many others throughout this area, my assumption is that the owner abandoned the property after the winter floods of 2013/2014, sought planning permission, but has since left the site unattended. No security or visitors are ever present. It appears that the most recent documentation regarding this property dates from June 2014, where the Runnymede Borough Council refused a proposal for the demolition and subsequent construction of two five bedroom dwellings on this land. Of the three stated reasons for refusal, two are key. The plan emerged shortly after severe flooding throughout the surrounding area and thus was unlikely to receive support unless further provisions were made for protecting the property. Secondly, it is abundantly clear from visiting that views from the balconies into neighbouring houses would be disconcerting to pre-existing residents. Since the refusal, it appears that no further plans have been made, and coinciding with flood water deterioration, simple aging of the predominantly wooden structure, and senseless vandalism without repair, the properties now stand in complete disarray.

Having roped two companions into taking a trip nearby alongside me, we visited briefly as a spur of the moment fly by. I will undoubtedly return to explore the second half of this property, having only had sufficient time and equipment to venture into the most easily accessible home. The front garden is a veritable jungle, the only saving grace being that it is incredibly easy to access and stroll from the main road right up to the front door. A wooden board had been nailed onto the front door at some point, however, this had since been removed and the front door was unlocked. Should this have been a problem, both the windows and side entrance would have provided ample opportunity to enter. Vandals have had their field day at some point, with beds upturned, phone tables knocked down, books flung and windows smashed. The place looks appalling in its current state, if only people had a little more respect... Everything appears to remain as it would have been, with (especially in the unentered residence) a plethora of items, ranging from children’s coffee mugs to printer paper. Having come prepared and thus dressed for another occasion, my clothing was not particularly suited to treading upon rotting floors, nor had I arrived equipped with a face mask. Although not an issue in the home I entered (by virtue of both ventilation and complete lack of exposed asbestos), the second home was far more treacherous, with entire portions of flooring amiss, and continued exposed insulation. Each home seemingly consisted of: a hallway, a bedroom, an office or other such living space, a lounge, a bathroom, and a kitchen. These were fronted and backed by balconies leading into the gardens. Both gardens were horrendously overgrown, and contained little more than a van, a shed (emptied), and children’s toys. The homes were partially raised upon a mixture of concrete foundations and wooden stilts, with a vast basement for floodwater below. The electricity was shut off, as was the water supply. As previously mentioned, the property was immediately accessible, and from previous knowledge neither the neighbours, nor security/police have any particular interest in passing visitors.

These provide just a brief glimpse into the property. I shall return at a later date to create more complete coverage.


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Nice to see more people popping up in Surrey, although it’s filthy still plenty to see

johnny gomez

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good explore, bet that cartoon of milk (3rd pic) will be a bit ripe come summer time :thumb


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Ive been here several times as i only live down the road. It used to be in such a better condition. My first time there i found a death certificate of the husband to the woman who previously lived there in the left bungalow. He died of cardiac arrest and if i remember correctly he used to work in something to do with the military before retirement. So my assumption at the time was that the woman lived there alone for the rest of her years until passing away.. but good to see some proper pictures of it. I never took any in my visits:(


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UPDATE : Please be aware that the central entrance to this property has been blocked by a collection of tyres. This was just an observation from driving past, however the buildings may have been further sealed.

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