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Report - Stirchley Public Baths, Birmingham


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Stirchley Baths was built in 1911, to the standard public baths design. It's facade is blessed with ornate stonework, brickwork and ironmongery. Since closure it as been left to fall into rack and ruin.

The council now say the building, which is grade II listed is too far gone to be re-used as a baths. Tesco have bought land next to the baths, and plan to turn it into a community centre, although the council are saying the building is too far gone, and only the facade should be saved...

Here is my twopence worth...

It's the council's fault that the building is in the state it is in. Nobody elses. They claim it is hard to find a use for the building... hmm, how about a baths?! A swimming pool and a gym that costs half the price of Cannons to join, I am certain that would be a success, helping the community stay fit and healthy etc etc. The building has a use, everybody is happy.

It is a discrace on the council's part that the original doors, stained and acid etched glass has been stacked up under missing skylights, and is now rotten as a pear and the glass smashed and unrepairable. It's not too difficult to realise that stuff needs keeping safe surley?! The mind boggles...

Anyway on to the building! The pool is still intact, as are most of the changing booths. The walls are decorated with glazed bricks, and the subtle diamond pattern is beautiful in my opinoin. There were also two rooms with baths fitted in them... were these for public use also?

We have been wanting to get in here for years, so this visit was a bit of a treat!










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