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Report - Stirchley swimming baths, Birmingham - 11/7/09


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With the missus getting up early to take her sister to the airport i thought it would be a good time to get down to the baths to finally take a look for myself. Been a long time coming since the coucil let us have a quick poke in the door just to wet our appitites. This place holds some memories for me as i used to swim here as a child so it was good to have a decent look again.

The baths opened in 1911 by King's Norton and Northfield district council along with the bournbrook baths, where i learnt to swim. They contained a rather unique feature in their day that they used aerated and filtered water from the mains supply rather than an on-site well.

It's such a shame that this place, grade2 listed, has been left to get so bad. A fire in the wood panelled reception are some years ago did a fair bit of damage. Having spoken to a member of the council on its day last year i was told they had pretty much pushed the responsibilty of it's upkeep to the Bourville Village Trust, who in turn haven't done much seeing as the council still owned.


Pitiful external shot but the only one i took today, i'm sure i've got a better one buried on the HD.











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:thumb great shots mate! the swimming baths on beverley road in hull is very similar inside, although still open. i love the open roof structure on these old baths. thanks......... bug

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Such a shame the state of it, was there with the council some 6 months ago. Very nice photo's......


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Nice one. I'm well into seeing this place, as it's 5 minutes from my front door. Have had a few walks around it, but never really spotted any un-obvious ways in.
Top shots from inside, it looks superb!
The place is being fought over at the moment by a few supermarket owners. The land to the rear of the baths is going to be used for a new supermarket and the facade should be saved.
Then again, Sainsbury's said that about the Battery and Metal Co.:crazy


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Nice photos mate, I would like to see it in daylight at some point...

Was it a nice baths when it was open?


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This is where I learned to swim as I lived around the corner. Loved looking at these pics, some great shots. :thumb

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