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Report - Stobhill Hospital Mortuary and Labs, Scotland, June 2016.


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Some history stolen from another site;

Stobhill was built by the Parish of Glasgow to meet the increasing need for hospital accommodation for the city's sick poor, which had previously been the function of poorhouse wards at the City Poorhouse and Barnhill Poorhouse. For many years it carried the stigma of being a hospital for paupers, and the birth certificates of babies born there recorded only the address and not the name of the hospital.

During the First World War the hospital was used for the reception and treatment of wounded servicemen. In 1939 it was transferred from the parish council to Glasgow Corporation and it remains the main hospital serving the north of the city and parts of Cumbernauld and East Dumbartonshire.

The Explore;

My regular exploring partner (non-member) and I have been keeping a close eye on this one for the past eighteen months determined to access the mortuary. In that time we must have visited about 4 times and on each occasion being foiled by all possible access points being as tight as can be.
On this visit however we arrived to find a door ripped off it's hinges and multiple windows broken. It's been ravaged by metal thieves. I'm pretty gutted. There are still some nice features to see but the sheen has been taken off of this explore by those low lifes.

But....it's been done and now on to the next explore!















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Short but very sweet shots mate.

That last pic though. What were they doing that someone had to write this? A leg and a wing?
I thought the same, quite horrifying they had to remind the directors to handle bodies respectfully :confused:


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Great report, shame it came after those vandals but still well preserved. absolutely fascinating as most of us won't see them whilst being alive haha :eek:

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