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Stockport cave dwellers


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The Manchester Evening News this week had a spread on the story of homeless people living in the Brinksway caves above the Mersey (see for example this report from Camera Shy)



The Daily Mail also got in on the act.

If anyone goes for a wander, do take a dustpan and brush.


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there used to be a fun family living in maggies caves

Pretty sad really but still better than bedding down in Barnes

The Kwan

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I saw this on the news lastnight the guy in the picture came here from Europe after being promised work but ended up living in the caves, his family are coming to get him and take him back home apparently, I dont think that he was too tightly wound or at least came over that way on the telly. I hope that he gets home ok and that his family dont come over and just end up living in the caves too :)


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I mailed The Mail about using my video, here's what happened.

You appear to be using a video of mine, on your story about Stockport homeless living in caves. The video is set to not be embedded anywhere, yet you have it on your site. You have picked out a segment, so the only way you could have done this, is to have ripped and re-edited the video. if I were to delete it on YouTube, you would still have, 'your version.' I find this unacceptable as permission was not sought, and I wouldn't allow anyone but myself to edit it. I am at present looking into the legalities of all this with a view to either having it removed or receiving some payment for my work, Feel free to get in touch in the meantime.


Nicholas R (nikkeljoe)

Having thought they'd ignore it, I just got this.

Hello Nicholas

Thanks for the email

Apologies if we have caused you upset, this was not the intent

Videos are taken into the player because of the way we hyperlink to
related content on the site and the video page is auto-generated from
internal urls

The journalist should have messaged you on your YouTube channel to alert
you to this? I am struggling to find that message at the moment but can
take a closer look later

In the meantime, I have taken down the video for you

We pay our newswire providers £50 for content which I can get pushed
through for you in this instance by means of a goodwill gesture

Email me back direct and I will send you the fields you need to fill in,
in order to get it processed

I checked for messages on Youtube, nothing. I've emailed back, and they've sent me details.#

Cheers for starting this thread, as I'd probably, have not even noticed! :)


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You've been framed are giving £250 for clips, lol.


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Sounds a pretty good response - someone in the media not being a pillock for a change
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