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Report (Permission Visit) Stockton Globe December 2017


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History in all the previous threads so I won't repeat it here. The building is now watertight and all asbestos has been removed so Stockton Council have been allowing visitors for a "Sneak peek" before the restoration begins in earnest for projected opening summer 2019.

The building is probably looking the worst it has ever been with a missing ceiling in the upper foyer, the rotten stage removed and gaping holes in the plasterwork, however it is supposedly all uphill from now on apart from the dressing room block that will be demolished and rebuilt (with more rooms and a lift).

This was a hard hat tour and somewhat restricted as to where we could go, basically rear stalls, foyer, upper foyer, a little bit of the rear circle and a little bit of the front circle.

Here is the frontage on a crispy day (it was -7 when I arrived), all other shots are of the auditorium.


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Ha yeah I was just asking about the current status.

Not looking it's best, let's hope they actually do something with it!!


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It seems they have the funding in place and a friend of mine who does theatre restoration has already acquired four wall lights from the Newcastle Odeon demolition for here, so it is looking promising. ATG have been lined up as the Operator when it opens.

The Bradford Odeon is coming together at long last as well but that is reliant on lots of things to come together.