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Report - - Stoer ROC Post- Sutherland Group 06/04/08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Stoer ROC Post- Sutherland Group 06/04/08

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Following my failed attempt two months ago, returned yesterday with help.:D

Zimbob (thanks for the driving on treacherous roads in blizzard conditions!:thumb) and I visited in probably the worst day this year. The snow was driving so hard that every time it hit your skin, it felt like you were getting pinged with an elastic band!:eek:

As the conditions were so dire, you can imagine we were desperate to get inside. I struggled with the T-bar cover (previously seized) but finally got it moving. With my back to the elements I set about trying to unlock the hatch. As we could not get the cover open enough (and bent the t-bar in the process) it was very difficult to get it engaged. Finally, after what seemed like an age (but was probably only a few minutes, the hatch relented! As we forced it open (it was a stiff one this one) we got a whiff of something quite unpleasant. As this was not too unusual, we proceeded downwards to shelter from the elements. Sadly, as I stepped off the ladder, the stench of death was almost unbearable. I followed Zimbob, as we started to investigate.

Arrrggghhh!:eek: There it was, the source of the foulness, a deceased rabbit. Probably one of the worst smelling corpses there are, and I have smelt a few!

For this reason and this reason alone, we were both keen to get our snaps and get topside into the sweet smelling blizzard. Cameras on flash, snap, snap, snap, then up the ladder and out.

Not a huge amount to see here. Nothing has changed since Nick Catfords visit, and given the smell down there, nothing is going to for many years to come. Floor was sandy (but bone dry, as was the sump) with a modest amount of paperwork strewn around. No inclination to stop for a while and read (although that was our initial intention)

I only got internals today, Zimbob will post his externals I am sure. You can see my externals from my first visit (above) to compare:p

Desk and cupboard intact

Hardwood screwed to the concrete all around for cable and equipment mounting.

Toilet had been moved?

Looks like Flavour Flave has been here:p

And this was our view on our drive back to Lochinver for pie and mash!


That was the high point of an otherwise cold, wet and miserable day:thumb


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Stoer ROC- Sutherland Group (Revisited) 06/04/08

Twas a smelly post :(

I had to get out quick, or I'd have added 'eau de spew' to the place :p

Couple of externals:


Bryag making the place secure :thumb


Note the direction the snow is going in :eek: