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Lead or Rumour info - Stoke on Trent, Accident and Emergency Department, possible tunnel.


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Hi all, long time reader of the forum, not getting anywhere near as much chance to post as I'd like to.
I emigrated to New Zealand 3 years ago but was lucky enough to be able to come back to Stoke for a month just gone. How things have changed in such a short time.

I was born and raised just a stones throw from the 'Accident unit' on Princes Road, Hartshill. My mother used to work in the Path lab half way down Thornburrow Drive. To my disappointment, I was told that this site has now been demolished. As kids we would expore the grounds of the three hospital sites. Locals will know that all services have been now relocated to the City General site and A+E lies empty. I have been told by a local tradesman that all asbestos has now been removed from the site. I'm not sure if this is true or not. There are some incredible buildings within this complex, of that I'm sure. From the old maternity ward with its circular reception to the nurses quarters further up the back hill.

When I was about 7 years old, I used to go into work with my mum as you did in those days. I read magazines, drank hot chocolate and photocopied my face but this is not the information you're here to read. I got talking to a porter who she knew well. He took me down into the basement (this all sounds very dodgy nowadays) and showed me the tunnel which he said lead up to the mortuary (we were standing in the middle of Thornburrow Dr), laundry and in the other direction, down to the City General on Hilton Road. I can remember it was very windy in the tunnel and smelt awful. It was big enough for one of the electric karts that the porters used. It carried huge pipes and thick cables down one side. It was noisy and very hot. He said he didn't like to go down there when he could help it. I dreamt of it for years. As kids, we would explore the grounds looking for a way in. One of the older local teenagers gave rumour of an way in from the A+E site.

North East of Sharman close is a lovely building on the hill with three faces and a SW outlook. I am led to believe that this was the old nurses quarters as opposed to a general ward. On the centre face there are five loft windows, three large bays and two towers. To the right of the right hand tower there is a descending stairwell as depicted by a dark parallelogram on google maps.

There are some incredible buildings in this complex and I'm really gutted to have not had the chance to explore them while I was over. Unfortunately other business took priority. Much love to Stoke. It was great to be back there, if only briefly. On my next visit I'll make the most of it. Never underestimate the amount of history around you, you may all of a sudden find yourself in a place with very little. All the best!