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Report - Stone manganese Bronze, Merseyside, Aug 2010

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I passed here yesterday and remembered that I took pictures last year so thought I would share them.

Stone Manganese Marine [SMM] was formed in 1892 in London, where they made ships propellers. They moved to Wallasey at the start of world war two.
The site is on the dock road in Wallasey, and is visible from the Wallasey tunnel tool booths.
Due to a European Union grant being given to a rival German company , manufacturing ceased on the site in 1998 with the loss of 39 jobs, the company now only offers a consultancy service but still operates in germany and canada.
The site consists of the office building at the front, the large warehouse that is sadly still for sale even today .
Just to note that all of the blue gantries have now gone and most of the props have been cut up for scrap.

The main hall that is empty and still up for sale.‎.. the 3rd prop to the left is a submarine prop normaly has a series of dampers in the tips of each blade with mercury in them again to muck up radar readings

The gantry and crane are sadly no more, some of these propellors were for the M.O.D

The unusual pitch of this prop caught my eye..36 is a frigate prop with a channel where that line is on each blade, the water runs through it from the boss to the tip and gives a false radar reading on submarines

the Clan line building in the back...the brick buildings are now occupied by the consulting arm of SMB.

gantry crane


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