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Report - - Stonehaven GND Maritime Radio - 20/9/07 | Other Sites |

Report - Stonehaven GND Maritime Radio - 20/9/07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
The Stonehaven GND Maritime radio was the final staffed coastal radio station in the UK. Playing a big part in the exploration for oil in the North sea, being situated just outside of Stonehaven to the south of Aberdeen, it eventually had control over the whole of the UK's coastline. The station closed on the 30th of June 2000.

Since then it has stood unused, with its location of being away from town, but easy to get to from Stonehaven letting it become a handy playground for the local neds. Past visits by other members showed it pretty much gutted,
anything remaining being destroyed, with litter and damage being pretty much all that was left behind. Access being no more complicated than driving up to the front door and walking in through the damaged doors. More lately (as found in _M_'s last visit) there has been a handy 7 foot spikey fence build surrounding the buildings, a bit more imposing, but not really the hardest obstacle to get around...

I visited to have a look about for myself, and to see if there was anything left. The answer to that being pretty much bugger all. before there was very little left behind, and since then that has been cleaned up, with all the litter cleaned away and damaged items removed.

A lot of the inside has been photographed already, but here is some of what I saw left behind...

Outside, looking over to what would have been the main room, with a big window that would have given a great view out over the country and sea.


Inside the main room




Some wee cubby holes




Moving into the rest of the building




The fire alarm...


Smashed internal walls, the neds seem to have been doing their best to destroy as much as humanly possible, including putting holes through most of the internal walls


Hopefully the nicely hidden (and finished) outer wall might have caught them out hidden under some of the plasterboard

View attachment 63559

The burglar alarm...

View attachment 63560



Some unlucky person seems to have forgotten to take their lego home after coming out to play, leaving it lying on the floor in the smaller oiler room.


Some handy grit if the road ices up


Those are some of my pictures, admittedly not completely documenting the entire building (plus the other couple of smaller buildings in the compound) as that has been done before so I thought I would focus more on the bits I found interesting.

A nice enough explore for an afternoon, even if there isn't really much remaining

Cheers for reading.