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Report - Storm drain warrington 03/2022


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Storm Drain Warrington March 2022

I previous saw this on a post and “needed” to explore this one!
It some some time to find the entrance after clambering over banks we came to the grid which was half taken off. We didn’t take the opposite half away and instead chose to clamber down which was relatively easy!
Once we were down the first flight of ladders we looked around the first part which was covered in graffiti and was split by two walkways.
Walking down another ladder we set off down the main tunnel. We came massively prepared with spare batteries and extra torches (which is a must as there is literally no light! And would be a harsh one to get stuck down there in the dark!)

Walking through the first tunnel, I was shocked at how cold it was, again preparation is key.
I tried to pinpoint which way the tunnel run as we were walking through but I couldn’t envision where it would lead to. (If anyone knows the route, message me!)
Walking deeper into the drain we heard faster flowing water, upon approach it opened up into a stepped area and upper grids for the street. We tried a few of the grids, but there was only one which would open. (We chickened out of opening it in fear of being in the middle of the road and being run over)
The whole tunnel system at the beginning runs with a larger tunnel walk for maybe 100m which then opens up into a larger area for water to flow.
After walking through a couple we entered another larger area which had two tunnels branching off. We chose to stay on the larger tunnel and maybe explore that later on the way back.
I was amazed at how clear the water was, and the fact that there wasn’t a strong smell. On previous posts, others mentioned frogs, and lots of them, but we only saw the odd one or two the whole way. (Maybe a season thing)
As we ventured deeper into the tunnels we came to a point in which we had to travel uphill on a series of steps. From this point the tunnel went smaller, you had to hunch over to walk, but we ventured on walking and hitting smaller openings for street grids. Again we tried to open these but none of them would budge.
We must have walked around 10 of the tunnels and grid sections before the tunnel went even smaller, it was at this point we decided to turn around and go back. Walking it with someone who was 6’3 it was hard to walk hunched over.

I was a little gutted we didn’t reach the end as I was intrigued as to where it came out! (If anyone knows please let me know)

I loved this explore, the tunnels were great to walk down, very slippy and at times I didn’t know how I didn’t fall. I was fascinated how people build the drain, and looking at the openings, I loved how intricate the workmanship was.

Overall a great explore, would highly recommend as long as you don’t have claustrophobia!














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