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Report - Stowe School Air Raid Shelters & Abandoned Water Wheel. 12/10/08


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Stowe School located just outside the town of Buckingham is more famous as a Public school and for its landscaped gardens that are run by the National Trust. The school however is outside the maintenance of the National Trust area and is "off limits" to the general public as a whole:rolleyes:
However "rummaging" through the undergrowth I got accidentally lost;) and wandered into the strickly "Forbidden Zone" and came across the long abandoned and forgotten Air Raid shelters. Entrances were open and so I went in:thumb Next to this one was another shelter and appeared to be for staff/teachers only. Later found also what appeared to be a long forgotten water pump/water wheel inside an abandoned shaft:confused:
Anyway here's the pics:


Entrance into the main shelter for pupils. The modern day Swot still uses the shelter for having a sneaky fag and drink judging by the amount of discarded ciggy packets and bottles!


Pretty dark down here! The shelter is substantially made with corrugated iron shuttering and girder frame work.


Natural light shining down through the escape tunnel lite up this weird scene:thumb


Old & weird looking water wheel/pump found in a shaft by the side of one of the water falls in the garden grounds it drives a pump situated on a beam above which is chain driven from the wheel.


Chain driven pump. By the looks of it, it has nothing to do with the waterfall but may have provided water to Stowe house before the water mains were connected:confused:

full images can be seen at:

http://s260.photobucket.com/albums/ii38/tankman_2008/Stowe School Air raid shelters/?start=0


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Re: Stowe School Air Raid Shelters & Abandoned Water Wheel. Report 12/10/08

Top Marks Raddog:thumb

Just checked it out It can only be a Pelton Wheel, Water Turbine.


Original drawing of the 1880 Patent.