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Lead or Rumour info - Stowford Paper Mill, Ivbybridge, Devon


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Im new to the forum, its just up the road from me in Plymouth, I know Ivybridge well but no idea about this place.

May take a little drive and scout the area this weekend!


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Ivybridge is one of those suburb towns where people are still a bit too country still, they like shooting rabbits and are a bit in the dark ages.

They have quite a high level of youth vandalism and as such I know they do use security around there. As an example, a few months ago South West War Games, an indoor airsoft site, shut down, so we went for a little late night covert entry, triggered a silent alarm and had to leave when we heard a guard turn up and start unlocking the place from the front.

He didnt see us but I can imagine the same happening in this place if its similar setup.

Will talk to a few mates who also float about on here and live local and have a scout and let you know.

Well did a bit of digging, its owned by Arjo Wiggins and is still in operation at the moment, second it closes im in haha, ahh well have to wait!


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Had a quick look at the last weekend... A demolition company has moved in and started stripping the place. Security hut on main gate and visible CCTV. However no sign of any security guards, just a number to call for access.

Rob Boote

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Anyone interested in a moochie round the place give me a shout on [removed] and will show you round the place no problems at all :) I STRONGLY advise you not to just come in as a lot of can be nasty people living on site cheers fellow explorers cheers rob (part of the demolition crew);)

The Kwan

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Cheers for the post Rob, I have removed your mobile number from the post as it will be better to ask folk to private message you rather than run the risk of having to change your phone number after recieving millions of heavy breather calls :)


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Hav'nt seen many posts of someone going recently. But ive been there very recently with a few others and its quite an awesome place to have a look around. Looks like there's building teams in there still stripping things down and renovating things. Some areas have had criminal damage done and some places are weathered. A good place though!