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Report - "Straight Up", Murton, Co. Durham - August 2012


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"Straight Up", Murton, Co. Durham - August 2012

A while back, Myself and goan had a look at Forgotten Culverts around Seaham and came across a culverted section that hadn't been reported on before (Linky). Not being able to make it up the last section because of the deep water and falls, we went back a week or so later with Bunk3r and popped a few lids in the vicinity to try to find access to the culvert beyond the falls..... Eventually we popped a lid that looked promising, shone the torch down..... It looked Deeeeeep, and interesting, but it was absolutely lashing down. Being drain noobs we decided it wasn't a good idea to go in there in the rain, not knowing what was actually down there.
So we sat on it, and sat on it and sat on it. With rubbish weather and other things going on we only just got a chance to get back there and check it out properly.... and well, it was rather disappointing.

We originally popped 3 lids and found 3 sets of ladders going down into chambers, we hoped that they would all be linked and there would be something rather large and interesting down there, but it turned out to be 3 separate chambers made from 7ft(ish) pipe just straight up and down - Hence the name.

The first chamber we went down had 2 levels, the first was just a platform with plant access running through the middle and the lower level was just a small inspection chamber.

Wad0rz overload :p:

Looking down from the first platform

Discussion was had as to whether we should brave it down the stoopy as fuck pipe to the right, but shining the torch down, it seemed to go on forever. So we decided against it.

The second chamber was pretty much identical to the first but included an extra pipe which first fed through an open "trough" before joining into the inspection chamber at the bottom.

The water feed into the trough through a pipe around the back


The water from the trough feeds down the red pipe and joins into the inspection chamber at the bottom.

And the final chamber was again pretty much identcal to the other two, except this one was much deeper and much smellier. Where the others were in 2 sections deep, this one was 5 deep I think.


We ventured down without the camera to see if it was worth it but it was just the same as the previous 2, only deeper.
All in all, pretty disappointing after waiting for so long to check it out, but still good to know.

Thanks for looking :thumb