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Lead or Rumour info - Strange tower near Milton (Oxfordshire)


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Hi there,

Newbie here, hope this is the right place to post this. There's this curious tower near where I work and every time I drive past it I always wonder what it is. Today I decided to park up and have a look, though I didn't go into the grounds (but did see a way that people have presumably got in.)

It's on Featherbed Lane near Steventon in Oxfordshire and you can get a good view of it from googlemaps - https://goo.gl/maps/yKxTbowV3ok

Just wondered if anyone had been in or knew what this was. Driving past it it always looked like a sort of fairytale tower because of the (mock?) tudor beams...



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took me about 10 seconds on Google to get the answer...

"This water tower now stands in isolation in the north west corner of a former research centre site. All the buildings shown to the south on the map have been demolished as far as the central drive and the site is currently (June 2010) just heaps of rubble.I guess this tower counts as a building of interest so has been spared."

Update: The site was an Esso Research Station and seems will become a Tesco's Distribution centre

Assume the water tower remains, because it is English heritage listed. It is unique
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And I just found a council site which says about entry via Featherbed Lane (http://democratic.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/mgAi.aspx?ID=19082) so that's definitely the site mentioned in the BBC article. Thanks for those leads! Yes, I should find someone to take with me and have a look. I guess previous access was obvious, though looks like effort has been made to restrict it. But yeah, looked possible. No idea whether could get inside the buildings.


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Hey i visited this place a couple of weeks ago but haven’t yet posted my report.

If you wanna check out our YouTube @TwoGirlsOneBuilding there is a video of it up there