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Report - Strata, Elephant and Castle, London, 2010


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Visited with: Kevin Arnold
Building height: 147m, 43 floors.
Crane height: Building plus some

An interesting explore this one. Strata was my first explore with Kevin back in April 09, actually my first explore full stop. I'm sure some people here will remember the resulting report. I won't inflict it on you again (Unless you want :p). Regardless of that, it was an immense experience and something that I will never forget. I remember someone at the time saying to buy or borrow a better camera and get back up there. I forget now who it was but they were right.

Needless to say, I did buy a better camera and I wanted to get back up Strata, but by then I was hooked on this new hobby and there were a whole host of sites I hadn't been to yet so we never did get back. "We'll do in another time".

My heart sank the day I travelled past Strata on the bus and witnessed the workers erecting some higher hoarding around the site, combined with some tales of woe from others I was certain the moment had passed. Never mind, it was a great memory.


Strata: (External photo by user agk)

Well, after seeing some more recent reports up here we were inspired to go back and have another proper look at it. Hyrda, Silent Motion, Speed, Smalls, cheers guys.

So the night came, and there we were, back up top :)


Looking south towards Brixton

Unbelievable really, I was as surprised to be back up there as I had been to be up there the first time. It was great to see some of the other high places that we'd been to since. Whenever I'm up somewhere high where I can see Strata I always try to take a photo of it, now I have some proper ones looking back the other way too.


North towards the city

It's changed since we were up there in April, the building hadn't even topped out back then and didn't have any of the crown that it has now, housing for three aerogenerators. Although our primary target had been the crane this had to be worth a look.


Turbine housing and the city

And of course, I had to get inside it.


'Turbine Hall 3'

We'd both been very keen to get back up Strata by now and we'd probably have given it a go even if there was a blizzard but thankfully we couldn't have chosen a better night. The visibility was fantastic. A fortunate contrast from a number of recent explores that have been washouts.


East towards Canary Wharf/Docklands/etc, tower bridge on the left

Next it was time to aim for the crane, back in April we'd spent a little while counting the floors off working out which level the walkway was at, we both remembered 33 this time and headed straight for it. We reckon we scaled the ladder a lot faster this time round, as Kevin pointed out, we must be getting practised now.


The highest point for miles

Whenever I go up a crane I always like to try to remember to take a shot facing downwards, I nearly always forget, I made a special effort to remember this time and tried to get the building in as well. It's a nice thought that the people living in this once it's complete will have some really great views yet not quite as good as this, free for one night only.



So there it is and was, the report I never thought I'd write. Kevin, thanks again :)



Cheers for looking.
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