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Report - Strata Tower - London - Jan 2010


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I must drive through Elephant and Castle way too often because ive been watching Strata grow and grow for what seems like a bloody long time now. Ive never had the desire to climb it, i figured it was far too far out of town and way to short to bother with. I was still thinking those exact same thoughts as me and Smalls stood at the base head scratching on how to get past the big locked door blocking our path. However here on 28 big locked doors tend not to pose any great challenege so within a few mins we were heading on up.

Atleast the heated stairwell was warming me up and the complementry running water in the almost completed flats was providing some sort of thirst quenching satisfaction. Up and up we go, 20, 30, 40, hang on 43 floors? thats attuly quite high! Thomas Cooks new London resort 'Heron Tower' only has 42 and i see in the brocher thats supposed to be pretty tall!

Out onto the roof we go, mmm this is quite interesting, ladders, scaffolding turbiney things.. interesting.. I even felt like copying a silentmotion copying downfallen copying some guy he saw do it 'look at me, im flerting with death' shot but then realised my cocks attuly pretty long as it is. In the end i settled for taking some medioca blurry pics then sat around txting the quite possibly topless sparrow about northern roadtrips while i waited for Smalls to take some, apparently equaly as blurry yet apparently way longer exposure shots of his own.







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