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Report - Strategic Missile Silo Pobuzke Ukraine 08/2010



Ok not a real explore this was a museum so ill get that out of the way...Visited with Andy x , our original reason for being in the Ukraine was to shoot Chernobyl but i haven't sorted out my photos as yet,reports to follow.Andy x found this site on the net so towards the end of our Ukraine trip we clubbed our money together found a taxi driver and paid him $250 for the 600km round trip.Arriving at the location we found out we had to pre-book by phone so we paid the guy there a back hander and we were on our way........


key in the right hand slot push button on the left ....end of days

Strategic Missile Silo Pobuzke Ukraine 08/2010

Now a museum the launching site with a silo launching ramp, silo based command post for missile launching, surface equipment, central refrigerating plant power, generating unit and guard house with automated security systems …




above pictures are engines from nuclear missiles


SLR is a shaft with a depth of 35 metres. It is a strongly fortified structure. Its structure includes equipment room , protective device and barrel. Total weight of the protective device is 121 ton. Directly to the barrel of the shaft container
With a pc-22 (cc-24 ) nuclear missile ..





Combat crew for launching consisting of 2 individuals were constantly at alert in the 11th section on the depth of 30 metres for 6 hours. Guard rooms were designed for guarding and defence of the position .Entrance to the guard room is through the underground trapdoor. The shift consisting of 2 people was on a week and constantly stayed in the inside of the room…



Till the beginning of 1994 this defense base had 176 missile complexes, which were armed with 130 missiles type PC-18 (CC-19) and 46 missiles type PC-22 (CC-24) with
1272 nuclear warheads. In addition, Ukraine had 2500 units of tactical nuclear weapons.

Between 1988 and 1991 all missiles were eliminated.











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