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Report - - Strathore Lodge Hotel Thornton, Fife - 31/7/07 | Leisure Sites |

Report - Strathore Lodge Hotel Thornton, Fife - 31/7/07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited last night with delongid95.

I'd had a brief recce of the place in the rain a while ago, then telesto had a look round more the other week, so I thought we'd best have a better look too. Whilst the place is in the same condition, we managed to find out a fair bit more about the recent history of the place. Sorry if I've dragged this out but this place has a lot of history...

Flashearth - link

The place was an old isolation hospital for patients with diphtheria, scarlet fever, meningitis etc. (source) but other than this information not much else can be found online relating to its history as a hospital. The outer buildings are much older than the central one and I think only these will have been used for the 'residents'. There are rooms with bright colours now faded, scrawled on, that is if the plaster is even still on the walls.

As the dates are so vague on this its not known when the place became used as a hotel, whether all the buildings were there at first or whether the hotel part was added later. It certainly seems newer but it may simply have been the only building not left to rot (until now). Anyway, at some point probably in the 70's the building was being used as a hotel called Corsbie Hall Hotel. Some paperwork was found and flight tickets from July 1977 back this up to an extent.

Then in the 80's the place was called Fosterton Firs and was some sort of care home or nursing home. It seems to have been a rather ambitious description though (see pic below). There are still very out of date listings for it online but no other info. It appears that Fosterton Firs went out of business in the late 80's/early 90's despite their best efforts (including keeping horses and breeding greyhounds).

We didn't find much out about its use in the 90's. This was perhaps its last main incarnation as Strathore Lodge Hotel and no doubt there is the paperwork somewhere to tell us more but we didn't come across it this time. Maybe another daytime trip is in order!

Lastly the place was used by Strathore Plant Hire Ltd. I suppose they still own the place but it's no longer used by them. Lots of old lorry bits around, haulage magazines and stuff. The company is still active according to Companies House and filed accounts to 31/5/06 and posted through the letterbox was a request for someone to appear in court as a witness dated March 07 to appear in May 07 so maybe we just missed them.

Cheers to Delongid95 for coming out at short notice and turned out to be the ideal person to go with too with top knowledge of the hospitality and haulage businesses! Not to mention the person with the common sense to take a torch that doesn't suck batteries in 10 minutes flat. Note to self: Don't leave important things in the car.

Some Pics:





Inside old buildings



View attachment 55194







There must be some beer left in these pipes somewhere...

Papers etc.





Re: Strathore Lodge Hotel (amongst other things), Thornton, Fife - REPORT - 31/7/07

After a busy wee period and a major post code change, I am now pleased to reveal the (dreadful) pics that I took while rummaging about this place with foz. Many thanks to him for inviting me along- especially as it is now set to become a large amount of houses, I'm glad we got a nose about while we had the chance :)

Straight into the pictures:

Some of the more dilapidated rooms seemed devoted to storage of years worth of junk..with a few wee relics like this game machine kicking about

There was a large safe under the stairs of this building, for putting the patients in?

If we hadn't found documentation to say otherwise, I'd have been betting on the EHO people shutting this kitchen down!

Scattered about the kitchen area was the largest concentration of truck parts and paperwork belonging to Strathore Plant Hire, who are now striving from a larger unit further down Strathore Road.

Manky bar toilets - I'm hoping that the stains weren't what they looked like

"Out of order"

Once upon a time there was a bar here..

But the food was poor...

Finally, "the camera" was gutted that someone had taken the memory card out of it! The batteries lay next to it however.

My only regret is that we did not get the chance to return again to finish off the site, but I still believe that what we done was far better than nothing