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Report - Streatham High Road Crane, London - December 2015


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I thought I'd post this up for anyone in the Streatham/South London area who might be interested. Nothing much to see here really, just my local crane that I've been looking at from the bus every day for the past few months. It's situated on the old Streatham Megabowl construction site where I spent many an hour exploring a couple of years ago. The Megabowl and Caesar's Palace have both been entirely demolished now sadly except for the Megabowl's facade which is being retained for the new development of flats and retail outlets. The views aren't particularly amazing from up here but it's certainly the highest thing around at the moment and it's been calling me for months!

1. I prefer to look up at the jib than to climb it thanks!


3. Streatham High Rd

4. Crystal Palace transmitter visible in the distance

5. The back of the Megabowl facade is visible bottom left

6. Looking along Streatham Hill


8. Wahey a nice comfy chair perfect for supping on a beer!

Thanks for looking


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I'm using a totally fucked Nikon D3200 :D
What lens is it that you're using on it? I loooove that wide angle and slight fisheye effect you've got, and if i'm not wrong the D3200 is an APS-C sensor, i've had trouble finding a decent wide angle lens for an APS-C!

Might have to check this one out myself sometime, I can never find anything around my area. Is there any chance at all of someone coming along and stopping you (first time explorer here, standard nerves kicking in thinking about it aha!)?


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These picture are simply stunning. I used to live on Amesbury Ave and now live a bit further up, and still walk to that bus stop every day.

Is there any way that I could get these images from you in full resolution? DM me if as all possible, I could contribute to your expenses...

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