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Lead or Rumour info - Streatham Ice Rink


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Can anyone confirm if this has been demolished?

If so hang your heads in shame! London explorers need to get thier heads out the sand!

Oxygen Thief

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And I agree with the sentiment as well, just because it doesn't have a view, doesn't mean it's not worth exploring.

Triple negative. Nice.


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Yeh i think it may be too late but worth confirming for a place that shows so much promise. Anything 1930s with no change of use is going to be good!

This is what i mean about people getting back to exploring things that actually need exploring.

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Here is a report on the pool.


Didn't take pics of the rink witch has now "moved" into a tin box on Station Road where the derelict multistory car park used to stand. In fact not to far from Bradys that got mention from Dweeb not long ago.


There is also Caesers Nightclub, and the Bowl on the same road. Both have reports online.


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Yeh, deffo gone, oh well. I remember you guys doing the pool, i think that was just after i was last there. Me and Dweeb went in the bowling alley again and got chased out by a crazy homeless guy. Then we saw the ice rink on the way home but it hadnt closed yet at the time. Time flys unfortunately..