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Report - Streatham Leisure Centre, London, Oct 2010

kevin arnold

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On 25th of November 2009 I saw this note in Streatham Guardian:

Dilapidated Streatham Leisure Centre will close today for the foreseeable future due to health and safety concerns.

The decision was taken after structural engineers raised concerns about widespread structural problems in the crumbling building.

The closure at 4pm yesterday follows the shutting of access to the 80-year-old leisure centre's swimming pool last week.

The widespread structural problems to the whole of the building appear to paint a bleak picture for the leisure centre's future.

One of London's largest building and maintenance firms told the Streatham Guardian earlier this week they did not believe the swimming pool would open again because of the cost and timescale needed to fix the structural problems to the ceiling and roof above the pool.

Me and Za Gringo got in about a week after the place had closed. Unfortunately our visit to the main pool area lasted about 2 seconds. First thing we noticed was that there was still water in the swimming pool! Second thing we noticed was a security guard moving in our direction, fast. Exit stage left. I came back next day but the access that we'd used was already sealed. I checked the building from top to bottom looking for some other access opportunities but there were none. However I kept an eye on this place.

A while ago the situation changed. The council could probably no longer afford to keep security in a building they're not likely to open again so they got rid of them. A while later squatters moved in ha ha. I was lucky enough to visit the place after the security had gone but before the squatters arrived. Even then you could see that, sadly, metal thieves had already begun to strip the place. Luckily they didn't have enough time to devastate the building properly so most of it was in very good condition. Pictures:




The pool



Saunas etc.



Gym - all equipment still there. Couldn't get into the free weight section but all the dumbells etc. were still in situ as well.



Boiler room


Corridors under the swimming pool