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Report - Streethay Cottage, Lichfield - February 2019


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I drove past this place a few times this year and had it on my list of places to have a look. It was only upon seeing a 2016 report by @BrainL by chance that I knew what I was in store for. No amount of preparation could have readied me for the place to be honest.

The History (copied straight from BrainL's thread);
This history is copied from another report - The husband seemed to have left the house for good, leaving the wife alone. At some point sadly she suffered from an illness which left her bed-bound and unable to care for her dogs. With that said, the dogs became dependant. Dogs slowly become panicked and desperate when hungry and soon it became a battle of the strongest, where the weaker ones got picked on and eaten but sadly over time they all died due to starvation. The woman didn't have any contact with the outside world, and survived off bottled water, until her illness overcame her and sadly passed away.

The Explore;
Judging by the notice pinned to the front door the place was sealed on 6th of April 2016, just 5 days after The Express published an article with the headline 'Would YOU dare look inside THIS house of horrors?' Go figure. As mentioned above there were a sh!t load of empty water bottles, everywhere. The floors throughout are covered with inches of faeces or rubbish, especially prevailant in the kitchen and living room. Previous reports show animal remains & skeletons, but I couldn't bring myself to look inside the many, many cages (both inside and outside the property) to see what was there. Some objects from a few years ago have seemingly gone walkies and there is apparently someone squatting there (or up until very recently). I'm not sure I saw every room, but after an hour or so I needed to get out.

1) Front


2) The hoarding is real


3) Piano


4) Heartwarming to see the (presumably) former occupant during happier times




6) The kitchen was the grimmest of the lot


7) Wedding


8) Bathroom




10) Beloved pets


Overall a very sombering, depressing and shocking explore. Not for the faint hearted or weak-stomached.


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I've said it before that this is one place I never want to explore. However a small part of me really wants to see it for a horrible reason I can't fathom.

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Amazing photos, love this place, wonder how it has got so grotty, i do house clearences and a lot of them are like this but man, never seen so much debri and dust, this is my kind of explore.

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Just read your report, i'm guessing the dogs chewed through the bottom of the kitchen door or were trying to get out of the kitchen judging by the scratches all over it.

Sad story, the place will probably be knocked down and the land sold off for a developer to build 230 tiny cardboard apartments and sold off at £297,000 each which is the norm these days sadly.


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Turns out it was an animal rescue centre. And yeah, everything's either chewed or covered in poo (I still haven't had the stomach to clean the boots I wore there!). The property itself looks like it would have been a terrific place and it'd be a shame if it just sits and rots.


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Just an update on this one, anyone wishing to visit may want to give it a miss. The place is now squat central, a few of the rooms have had the furniture and other crap 'bulldozed' to the side to make room for makeshift beds (quite a few by the looks of it). One room even has a huge message painted on the wall saying 'NO PISSING IN THE BUILDING' (Gross, right)

Shame as there's a few nice bits still about


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