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Report - Stretford Memorial Hospital, Manchester - February 2019


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Another place that was super trashed by the time i had reached it, there was still plenty to look at despite the fact the metal men and the idiot had all ready been in.

some history on the place:

During the First World War, this hospital and another was established in Manchester as a Red Cross Hospital. Once the war was over and they were closed, the Stretford Division of the Red Cross had been left with £7,000. It was decided to form a District Nursing Service; the Trust was founded in 1919 and administered by the Stretford Red Cross. Stretford Urban District Council subsequently wanted to get involved in this work, as part of the Local War Memorial Scheme. The service was enlarged to cover the whole Stretford District but there was a growing need for a hospital service in the district. In 1925, the Trust purchased Basford House Red Cross Hospital on Seymour Grove which had recently closed. The building was adapted to feature a female ward block and a metrnity unit. Following this, funds were raised to institute a male ward block in 1931.

The Stretford Council paid for a number of maternity beds to be maintained. Patients were admitted upon recommendation by their own medical practitioner, who would continue to attend them in the hospital. Patients paid for their treatment, but their ability to pay was taken into account. The hospital joined the NHS as an acute hospital. The Hospital was closed between 1983 and 1985, before reopening as a Geriatric Hospital. In 1996 it formed part of Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust.


The front of the building

Victorian archway doors paved the way for the main entrance

the X-ray room

consultation room

main waiting area and reception

i think it treated the elderly and some children with mental problems because there were toys and thee knitted dolls everywhere.



more toys in the psychiatric room upstairs from the grand entrance.\

some kind of communal gathering area for the elderley

and then there was this.....


a decent little explore besides the carnage, I will never understand why people smash places up for the fun of it....


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Great pictures, cool to see the beds too, I hate that people smash places up


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Good update. Surprised it's not had a fire yet.

During the First World War, this hospital and another was established in Manchester
Should read -

"During the First World War, Red Cross Hospitals were established at the Victoria Park School in Stretford and at the County Cricket Pavilion at Old Trafford."

That explains the Victorian Architecture :thumb