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Lead or Rumour info - Stroud And Swindon, Tricorn House and Carpets of worth, Stroud Gloucestershire


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Hi all.

(Stroud and Swindon) Stroud Gloucestershire

Just recently the stroud and Swindon branch in Stroud has closed down due to transfer of companies.

This would be an interesting explore.

I done a reccy of the exterior and it seems pretty sealed. A car park which is connected boasts some access advantages. Building work has commenced on the surrounding nightclub so i think builders are using the carpark as a base at the moment.

Would this be possible to explore? the main area on ground seems to be completley secured. But due to this being recently closed im sure its alarm protected.

(Tricorn house) Stroud Gloucestershire

Tricorn house has been planned for redevelopment, but building companies and planning agencies has deemed the building too unsafe for immediate contruction. There is an oppertunity to explore but ive heard its being used as a den. Fences have been placed around the perimitor but there seems to be access through the back carpark. Reading other posts The lift seems to be out of action :thumb

(Carpets of Worth) Stroud Gloucestershire

No specific information. From a viewable distance doors seem to have been forced so i take it the place is accessible.


If anyone does venture out to these places, i am not held responsible for injuries and or other consequences that these specific location pose (Explorer is at own risk. I am here to inform you of these places.

Thanks AM :D


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From what it looks like, the stroud and swindon is becoming yet another outlet for Ecotricity and Dale Vince's tofu wearing vegans. If it is doable, I wouldn't expect it to be for long.

Tricorn house has been in the hand of the builders now for 2-3 months, so i would expect it to be advancing well...... although it was gash when it was an explore.

Ham mills..... went past the back of it last weekend (the tow path on the old canal runs right down the back) and it looked like there was a secca esque landy on site.