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Struggling to find places to explore near me.


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Hello, I have recently become interested in exploring abandoned buildings. I have visited Westbury manor and thought it was great. However I am struggling to find anywhere near me to explore. I live in Wiltshire and know that there are abandoned mines but I don't really want to go to them. I would rather explore old buildings. Could anyone suggest anywhere to visit in Wiltshire or berkshire?



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28DL Full Member
Not how it works on this site. You need to post and get involved before you have any chance of people giving you locations. Simple searches into Google for your area will bring up a whole list of things, even just looking on Google maps . You need to try a little harder to succeed in finding some places. Good luck, look forwards to seeing some posts from you!


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Welcome to28DL

Have a read through this sticky:

It is full of useful information about the bulletin board and the way things work round here. Few people are likely to respond to a person with no 'history' of activity on the bulletin board (and those that do are not very likely to be people with any real experience themselves!). After reading the advice in that thread become active and get some posts up. When poeple see that they can get to know about you and your interests...they are then more likley to respond positively to requests.

There is also a sticky post about how to actually post a report and what is expected....read that before your first report as it will help you a lot.

Other threads cover things such as equipment and are also worth reading - always check indivuidual sections for stickies too.

Any other questions about how things work round here then feel free to ask.


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Reality is there isnt really anywhere. Theres a handful of places left from yesteryear you can find through searching on here. You will struggle to find much in that area tho.


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Unfortunately thats not how it works here.. Sometimes you might have to travel hundreds of miles to get to a location, cant always stick to the local area.

Bikin Glynn

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There is plenty everywhere, u just need to look for it.
Sure u aint gonna find Westbury on every corner but there is more to urbex than big explores IMO

Ya Boy Croy

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Google maps is a good friend when searching for a place, as well as this forums of course. Search some areas around you, you're bound to find a few.. Like the others mentioned I doubt you'll get anything from directly asking. Best of luck though! :thumb

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