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Report - Student Castle + Big Red Crane- Manchester - April 2012


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with andrewb, dicky21 and katie


To say this has been a personal bug bear would be a bit of an understatement. The building itself is nothing remarkable, just another tower block to house rich students, but its currently by far the tallest construction project in Manchester which made it a very worthy target when it topped out many months ago. Among our small group of regulars, we've tried many many times, only to be thrown off by the most on-it security man in the business. The SC is fortified by an arsenal of cameras, PIRs, anti-climb cages and motion sensors making her one tough little nut indeed.
It got so silly that we just started taking the piss, the last attempt involving ten of us trying it at once... We got a fair way mind, but it was never going to happen. I had a decent way sussed, and even made a few temporary plans but nothing came of it until I had a chat with dicky not long after he sailed in to manc for a weekend of fun.

Andrew and dicky hit it first and began a sharp ascent. By the time me and katie arrived on site primed and ready for a climb up the box hoist, we learned the pair had just gone for the crane... (with a gloating picture message of the big green sign).


We made it to the top, and the views more than made up for the amount of pissing about we;ve endured to have this one. If i'm really really honest, we just weren't trying hard enough (or we got lucky). All it takes is a little persistance.

Pretty pleased with this one to be honest, but my 50mil collage of the palace is missing a segment and wont stich so i'm going to have to go back for it...

Until then, i'll leave you with these:







Would have been rude not to do the building as well..





awesome start to an awesome weekend :) props to my companions for the push, esp to dicky and andy for touching that counter weight first ;)
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