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Report - Sub five culvert, West midlands - Sept 2009


you lost the game
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Seeing as the weather was nice and intended plans altering i thought it would be a good idea to chase up the rest of sub five ( well the downstream end would now appear to be called oh really ) Picked up Adders and off we pop. Parking next to a taxi base we got a few funny looks as we don our waders and wellies and head up the town to the entry point:D


down stream from here lies Oh really?

Once inside i was a bit disappointed to see that it was of a simple box construction but ho hum:rolleyes: However the rushing noise of water ahead sounded promising and we headed up in anticipation of our first feature.


A chamber about 20ft high with a set of steps in.

Up these and the box shape now had a nice channel for the stream to run in. Also we begin to meander from side to side a bit more rather than boring dead straight.



back to a boring straight section, then a final bend.


End of the line for this section, had a look further upstream but it didn't look like it would be too disimilar from this so we went back to do Oh really? I'm sure Adders will oblige with some pics of there as i never bothered to take my camera down with me.​

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