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Offered - Suitcase full of film development kit


Trip Hopping
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I got to be honest I was given this a few years ago and have never got around to using any of it. I've got no space in the current house to even consider setting up a dark room either.


I have no idea what its worth - if anything - just needs a good home.. Can either collect from here (About 10 mins off J19 of M5) or if I'm passing nearby with work will drop off.

Otherwise i'll just dump at a charity shop or something.


28DL Regular User
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If i gave postage and a bit extra would you consider sending it? :) No worries if it's too much hassle!


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Dump any liquids and paper, bound to have gone off by now. If you do your own B&W (I used to) then may be of some use, but you would know this anyway if you did.