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Report - Summerlands Lodge, Westgate-On-Sea, May 2010


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Sorry for the prolonged absence from a report point of view, I'm on the forum almost every day but tend not to post.

I've been looking at this site since it first closed and having seen Obscurity's report a few months ago it was added to an ever expanding list of things to do. After checking back and forth for a few weeks patience paid off. I won't add much to the history as Obscurity's was excellent, in short it was a boys school Doone House, was requisitioned by the Air Ministry in the war, following which neither of the partners in the school claimed it back, so it was used as a Royal British Legion home, now relocated to Broadstairs, it served in different educational roles and most recently as a BUPA care home, although Obscurity listed closure as 2006 based on documentation I reckon late 2008 is more accurate. Visited with SDP. On with the pictures:

Apologies for the jaunty external:




Obligatory lonely chair shot in the garden:




Window Shot:


Bath time:


This was strange lol:


Corridor shot:


Activity room with mouldy goodness:


SDP in the managers office:


Example of a patients room, all pretty stripped:


Front door:


Self portrait with the chandelier:


Colour injection for the stained glass:



And a personal touch:


All in all a good explore, a hell of a lot more trashed than in Obscurity's report, but still with a lot worth seeing, go soon though, because the place is getting more rotten and more stripped everyday.

Cheers for looking, constructive criticism is cool,



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nice photos there dude, i can see the place has gone down hill slightly. A friend of mine was there a couple of weeks back and said its damp and full of mold. Its a shame as it was in a great condition. Someone said they may be stripping it out slowly, is the panio still in the day room? and do the electrics still work? we played in the bath when we was there lol, the controls still worked :)


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28DL Full Member
Thanks man, it is full of mould, the hole in the roof is letting in all of the water, there's lots of fungi growing in parts of it now too. The piano is indeed still there, I went back today to look for it :) It's missing a single note, so fairing quite well compared to most. The electric isn't working except for the bath, which still has its digital display, although I have no idea how :crazy, have you seen the Margate Caves yet? If you have could you either pm me a date for the next time you're going or some access details, cos I've wandered round and couldn't see anything, I spose it's probably dead obvious too :P.


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28DL Full Member
The poem is a bit, isn't it Kitty and unclebulgaria hopefully Obscurity will get back to me as soon as possible and then I can forward anything I have on to you, unless he is nice and pm's both of us :p if you find out anything before me then just drop me a pm, cheers, 13.

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