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Report - Sunflower Centre Woolton Liverpool April 2015


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Posted a long time ago so hopefully this is allowed to be posted.

Sunflower centre woolton liverpool i have trawled the net for information to no avail.
a stones throw away from another spot thats been visited lately Woolton hall which access was very minimal so it looks like a phone call to the caretaker is in order.
Also dont try and walk around the notre dame convent you will be greated by a mass amoutn of bird cack and then a nice alarm to which you will run for the hills.

Getting ahead of myself we where doing some Parkour/Freerunning in the local area and decided to go for a little spin to see some parkour spots and came across from a distance we noticed the boarded up building with the possibuilty of some roof jumping maybe.
We headed down the slight decline of a hill around to the left hand side to which a not so tall fence stood and a dog whos head came over the top startled us :D
we carried on round and found access to the building which looked like it had sustained some serious roof damage to fire sumizing little scallies.
we walked about finding seperate rooms with diffrent aspects some of it was like a play centre or youth club and some was set out for old people we spent around a hour walking about avoiding dangling wires and broke roof peices.


Because i am big kid at heart i decided to climb one of these :)

Taken on a camera phone so not the best hope you enjoy hope to show some more places i visit

much love fromos.



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Thanks for posting - that school is pretty trashed ; from the look of the buildings it's from the 1960s. Where you've been is Watergate School,(nothing to do with Nixon,it's named after the nearby lane),which has recently had its demolition approved,but not yet its redevelopment for housing. I thought for a moment from "Sunflower Centre" you'd actually been to Gateacre Garden Centre on Acrefield Rd. ; that closed last year and is awaiting approval for housing re-development.



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If you are interested in schools.There is a school in West Derby village Liverpool, which is named after the first female Lord Mayor of Liverpool

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