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Report - Sunnyside Royal Hospital - Montrose - Feb 2017


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It seems to be the way in most asylums - pictures from the Victorian era through to 1930s (just pre-NHS) always seem to look like they've gone for a "homely" feel - lots of dark wood, loads of plants, flowers and soft furnishings everywhere, mirrors, paintings, vases and other decorative stuff. Then post NHS it's all bright, clean stark surfaces, vinyl flooring, the glazed tiles are painted over, architectural features and details covered-up (sometimes for practicality, like the lowered-ceilings for fire-safety and to reduce heating bills, but sometimes just modernised and changed into something much more stark and functional looking seemingly for the sake of it) and basically turned into something that looks far more like an institution, rather than the "stately home" look they seemed to have gone for in the past. I know which I'd rather spend my time in.
Think it's the opposite really. The old pictures look very much like institutions yet as time went on they tried to make them more homely and comfortable. Alot of modernisation is purely down to the way of the times tho rather than consideration towards patients.