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Lead or Rumour info - Sunrise, Hindon Road, Teffont, Wiltshire. SP3 5QR


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A few months ago while trawling estate agents web sites for leads I came across this one above. The pictures on the flyer didn't show much so I stuck it on the back burner. At a loose end a few weeks ago I had a drive down there.

Its a timber frame bungalow quite well hidden and looking through the front door and windows contained some nice old children's toys, vintage pictures and paintings etc.

Thinking I'd hit on a little gold mine, I started making my way around checking the windows etc and mostly were all secure all be it, just with old fashioned latches the type that jump when you bang them :-) and eventually if pried pop open without damage. (had them on my house as a kid and helped me out no end)

As I got around to the back of the house I bumped into a woman, not sure who jumped highest.

Obviously we got chatting shes a prospective buyer and shortly after her hubby appeared with his camera taking externals.

They seemed keen for me to return with them at a later date and take some internals for historical interest for them.

The property belongs to a guy in hospital and quite infirm his family are already selling it off, it was listed at 100k.

Unfortunately they didn't have the keys on them but told me there was a nice old piano, artists easel and brushes, toys etc etc in the rooms you couldn't see it.

Plus a skip load of stuff had already been chucked!!

Anyway, I'm getting the feeling they are fobbing me off, and its a bit far for me to travel just to see again so if anybody is closer and wants to check it out, its there.

Drop me a message if anybody needs further..



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