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Report - Supercharger A & B - Manchester [Mar 2018]


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Following on from @Yorrick's report, here's mine from the Friday before the 28 Manchester meet last weekend.
After meeting up with @Alley , @Nickindroy and Yorrick a few miles away, we headed to the Supercharger culverts for some draining action.

Supercharger A & B are two separate culverted sections of the Gore Brook. We entered at the outfall of Supercharger B, heading upstream to Supercharger A,
then back along the road way with lots of funny looks from people who'd obviously never seen 4 people walking through the streets all wadered up before.

Supercharger B

Alley taking a shot

Someone figured out how to find things on the old location map

Shit! where's me spray paint gone

Supercharger A

Drain break



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That's fucking really nice man! Having that drain break shot! How shit was that convoy. :D