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Report - Supercharger A Re-visited - April 2011.


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Supercharger 'A' - Re-Visited


So it's a Bank Holiday and what to do?

Woodburner jumped in the jag and blazed it over to Mancfester once again to check out moar drainZ

We first mooched about some piky'd sewers before WB legged it after a lung full of 'fresh'

Next up we headed over to Rusholme to check out another section of the Gore Brook, known as Supercharger 'A'

I had previosuly visited this place over a year ago with Thompski, so was more than happy to show WB around

The exterior of the Infall is a real obstacle course, overgrown/full of all manner of crap, much the same as the ghetto this place passes through

Climbing out was also lulZ as the local chav population watched two blokes stumbling about in your rivers :D



A fairly lengthy section of brick pipe


The only real feature in here is this overflow chamber, looks like a smaller tributary flowing through, except a distinct smell of fresh follows


After near wellie fail as the last stretch of brick pipe was silted up and much deeper than the initial infall, we reached the end where the Brook passes under a rail bridge before continuing to Part B



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Although this section wasn't as feature packed as part B, its still worth doing. Although probably would have been better doing A first and going downstream, to save the cool stuff for last. :) Not to mention emerging at the infall of 'A' straight into the ghetto! lol.

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