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Report - Supercharger 'B', Manchester - March 2010


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Supercharger 'B' - Visited by Ojay & Morse.

Decided on some more 'Drainor' action today and donned the waders once again to take a look at some more of Mancs drains.

We entered into the 'Infall' of 'Supercharger B' after a short mooch up the Gore Brook. Once inside the brick archway, it opened up into a larger brick section before disappearing downstream into a smaller but still decent sized blue and red RBP for a couple of hundred yards, changing shape and composition on the way.

After what seemed like forever the brick tunnel turned left before it eventually straightened out once again. Ahead appeared to be a sewerage pipe that cut across left to right and just further along on the right was a section of smaller RCP (CSO), naturally we headed in to take a closer look, which at first brought us into a concrete shaft/inspection chamber upto street level. Just ahead were some metal rungs that went up and across the concrete section to the other side, again we climbed up and across which led to a 'processing' room.

This is where the earlier Sewerage pipe runs through - 'Left to Right', and the giant 'Processor' filters out the 'Badman Sewerfresh' when the levels rise, before overflowing into the Brook.

After a few minutes we headed out and continued upstream once again to take a look at 'Supercharger A'. As we headed up more RBP, (Morse was lagging quite a bit behind by now, taking photos). I could hear a loud 'Roar' getting closer of what is presumably some kind of 'Falls' further up. At this point as I shone the torch I could see a few Rats moving around to the right hand side of the Brook, as I approached they seemed to move away, but one kept close by, "cool" I thought, finally get chance to take a piccy of one of these little beasties in action. At this point I also felt a bit weird and as I got closer to the 'Rat' which was still moving around I discovered it was a large stone that had clearly never moved!! Something deffo wasn't right at this point, I felt weird and started to see stuff moving around, Gases? "Fuck this" I shouted back to Morse who was getting nearer not to move, and I got away as quickly as poss!

MISSION ABORTED and sadly we didn't get to see 'Supercharger A', but will be returning soon via the 'Outfall' just in case.




Larger Brick Section




Into The RBP


Inside The RBP - Looking Upstream


'Overflow' Into Stream


Bends Left....


Sewer Ahead




Looking Up....




Inside 'Concrete Chamber'


Rungs - Across To The 'Processor'





'Sewerfresh' - Left To Right



A return visit is needed to look further upstream, until then thanks for looking :thumb



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