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Report - Superlative Nomenclature Drain, Accrington - June 2010.


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Superlative Nomenclature Drain, Accrington - Visited By Ojay and Andyj23UK.

Continuing with the Accrington underground, same day different shit (Sorry Drain).

Following on from 'Warmden Grotto' is another section downstream, discovered by Little Mike and known as 'Superlative Nomenclature'.

Again a rocky, stoopy mix of brick & stone winding under the forgotten industry in the ghetto known as Accrington.

Amazingly Accrington seems to have much more to offer underground than overground :rolleyes: and for that reason a number of return visits will probably follow.

On with a few photos.....



More stonework


They had levelled a mill above, and were working on this section as we passed underneath


Further downstream this strange Syphon system




Eventually downstream we passed through this long brick/stone tunnel, with a curious hole on the right. Andy informed me this was a tunnel Which goes underneath the Police station


Naturally I had to go take a look. This was a real shrinker and silted up to hell. Once again I found myself crawling around in glupey shite and mud. We crawled as far as we could before it was bricked up.....


Just as I thought this place couldn't possibly have anything else to offer, we stumbled upon this large RCP, before Andy had finished explaining what was up there I was already up and in. (Getting out was a different matter).


It was slippy as hell as I found out a bit later on.... oh and full of frogs & toads. Infact some of them even resembled the RCP, both in texture and colour, amazing to think spend enough time in drains and you could turn out looking like this :rolleyes:


A bit further up and it changed shape again, infact like nothing I have ever seen before, was quite a sight


This section continued for about 50yds before it changed back to the ever familiar crumbling stone, I had no intention of going any further as it appeared to be a real shrinker and sharp as fook :eek:

As I attempted to climb down and out of the RCP, the innevitable happened, I slid right out on my arse and into the Brook much to the amusement of Andy, although to be fair he did show some concern. No sooner had I dried off from the earlier comedy access to 'Warmden Grotto' I was now soaked to the skin again.... Meh.

Further downstream, before we eventually hauled our arses out for another rainy day.


Thanks for looking :thumb
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