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Report - Supermarket Sweep - Corby - Oct 15


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So it was a couple of weeks back that @KM_Punk mentioned that he thought Corby could have some good pipes, After taking a peek in gmaps and the like and reading up the usual SWMP documents etc etc, it was starting to look very positive for Corby.

So @KM_Punk let me know that he would be free this weekend, and we decided its about time that Corby showed us what it had. We had a good 50 or so locations to look at, but we both agreed upon one that seemed to have potential.

Well we never actually got to that one or any others, We visited an outfall that was close to where we wanted to go that I found clues about only the night before we went, and happened to be closer to where we parked the car, so well fuck it, lets go and take a look....

We got to the entrance and the first words that came out of @KM_Punk's mouth was "I need to get my waders, I want to go in here". So off back to the car we went, I didn’t bother changing, as I didn’t bring my waders, instead opting to get wet.

We got into the flow and set off, Greeted by a nice combination of RCP, Box Section and RBP. The actual shape of the RBP, as KM_Punk described it, its a bit like the yellow egg in a Kinder Egg.

We followed through various sections, all maintaining around a 1.8M height, which was nice. It wasn’t until we where about 45m-1h in we realised that we needed to start getting out, KM_Punk needed to be back to Leicester by a certain time. So after following some RCP for a good few hundred meters we turned back.

We will be returning to this to finish it off. We think we now know the purpose it serves and where its infall is. We just need to verify it.

the photos...










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This was a good find. Great to get out with you again.
Nice set of snaps :thumb


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Awesome stuff!

There's quite a few places like this under Corby that I've heard about.. Never given it the time though.

I'd love to see this. Nice work!

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