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Report - Sussex University Tower Crane, May 2011


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Not sure if this belongs in High Stuff really as it's only 43m, but anyway... I was down in Brighton and at a loose end, when I remembered that I still hadn't checked out the Falmer Stadium, which I'd been meaning to when I used to live down this way. Ogof's report was a reminder of that and given that it was due for completion around May 2011 --it's a little overdue-- I took advantage of the opportunity to get out there.

On the way up I had a quick look at the Brighton General Hospital, although I didn't get access, I caught a nice sunset on the flat roof of the newer section....


...apparently building works were taking place that weekend in the active / non-boarded sections, maybe more works and evacuation are set for the other buildings?

Anyway... I soon got the bus up to Falmer where I noticed the lamp from this tower crane hovering over the university grounds, so I went over there first and had a look. Somehow, Sussex has been able to spend £29m on a new academic building, which will feature 'a 500-seat lecture theatre (the largest on campus), both general and specialist teaching spaces, academic and support space, and social and café facilities, available for use by all parts of the University.' I am sure that all the prospective students who are about to spend £9000 a year on fees to attend this university will be very gratified to learn that they have nice new lecture theatre to sit in, and a place to get a coffee afterwards.

Ascent was swift and strange mists were drifting up the valley by the time I got to the top. Beautiful sights to be had, despite the abundance of unlovely architecture clustering underneath. The stillness of the balmy night, with changeable visibility, and high humidity, made for an atmospheric diversion before the main event. It was never going to be as spectacular as a city centre crane or roof, and the meagre heights didn't do much to help either, but it still offered me a new perspective on an area I thought I already knew well, and I always enjoy that...





mists in the east, lights in the park


synthetic sunset


part of the new structure



next port of call...

Thanks for looking! :thumb


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