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Report - Sutton Basset ROC Post - Northamptonshire Group - September 16


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As this post hasn't been explored for quite a while, I thought I'd take a mooch up with a friend.

The topside has had a lick of paint within the last few years by the looks of things. There appears to be some damage to the concrete structure around the base of the hatch, unsure if this is the farmer's attempt to remove the post or scumbags attempting to gain entry, either way a bit of a shame.

The hatch took a little bit effort to open as it was a rather snug fit the hinges were a little stiff too, after making our way down the ladder we were greeted by a clean and flood free bunker with signs that someone had made little bit of effort to put the few surviving things back (sort of).

Thanks for Looking!












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Teaching the boy to explore
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There is some chatter on a Roc Facebook page about this post. The post owner isn't impressed it keeps getting broken into and the link to this page has been posted by the owner


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We got the hatch open with some effort and after sliding down the ladder commando style

Wtf it's obvious it's a part restored post
Bit cuntish
Thought it would be a mess down there judging by the state of the top.
Dont seed why its a bit cuntish though matt im sure im niither the first nor the last to slide down ladders while exploring.
Didnt damage anything in the process, we left the bunker as we found it and relocked the hatch.

I believe a previuous post of this post actually tells you what tools you need to get in now thats cuntish!
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llaI've reworded it didn't mean to cause offence mate, The hatch was stiff so it took a little elbow grease that's all.

Wouldnt dream of destroying our history fella.